Hillary Looks Beatable

So far this week we have heard that Hillary had to loan $5 million of her own money to her campaign, complaints about a sexist portrayal by the media to make Hillary appear crazy with the images they use of her, and after tonights caucus and primary results, the Clinton’s are looking very beatable.

Just four or five months ago it was widely presumed that Senator Clinton would be sqauring off with former New York City Mayor Giuliani.  Just a few months later and Giuliani is completely out and Senator Clinton has to be nervous.  Obama seems to be getting stronger and stronger as the race goes on.  Some are saying that the closeness of the race on the Democratic side will hurt their party because McCain is a clear favorite on the Republican side and he doesn’t have to battle it out with anyone.  But I think the battle that Obama is going through with Clinton will make him stronger and give him some much needed experience.

It’s still too early to call but more and more, Obama looks like he can beat the Clinton’s.

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