Romney Takes One For The Team

While Romney’s endorsement of Sen. McCain makes sense for the Republican party, it still comes as a bit of a surprise considering the heated rivalry that developed between the two during the early phases of the GOP primary race.  McCain had referred to Romney as a  “phony” and Romney had referred to McCain’s campaign as the “Straight Talk Detour”.  Those were probably the more mild examples available.  It was heated to say the least.

So it couldn’t have been an easy decision for Romney to release his delegates and ask them to vote for McCain.  This endorsement should clearly define McCain as the Republican Nominee and will allow McCain to get an early jump on the general election.  In fact, McCain waisted no time at all and has already begun to attack “The Senator from Illinois” on the issue of earmark spending.  “The Senator from Illinois, who says that he wants transparency in government, will not reveal the number of earmarks that he received in 2006 and 2005,” McCain told a crowd of supporters in Vermont. “Is that transparency in government? I don’t think so.”

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