Who will be easiest to beat?

Politics have become so precarious that even how you should use your vote is no longer just a simple question of which candidate is aligned with your core values and beliefs.  For example, Democrats in Michigan are being asked to use their vote to undermine the Republican party.  Because the Democrats have lost their delegates for Michigan they are encouraging voters from their party to vote for certain  Republican candidates that they feel would hurt the Republican party as a whole if that candidate were to win or stay in the race.

So I wonder which of the leading candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties would be easiest to beat? In the example I mentioned, the Democrats seem to want Romney to win Michigan because many of them believe that if he remains in the race then the Republicans will have to spend more and battle each other more throughout the primary process.  It also seems that Democrats are not too concerned about having to go against Romney and I can understand why.  It should be pretty clear by now that while are country has socially matured and grown so far that we finally seem ready to vote the first African-American or female into the oval office, we still are not ready to have a Mormon president.  In short, Democrats know that if Romney were to win the Republican nomination, his religion would make him an easy opponent.

From the Democratic party it’s not as easy to pick out.  The Clinton campaign believes that the fact that she is a woman would not negatively affect her at all and would, in fact, draw more women voters.  While it would be naive to think that our country is free from prejudice, it does appear that Obama has actually crossed the color barrier and is the first African-American presidential candidate that could actually win the not only his parties nomination but the presidential election as well.  Of these two candidates I think that Republicans are more afraid of Obama because he is flat out a more talented politician.  He would perform far better in the debates and his speeches are much more inspirational.  So I believe that the Republicans would rather face Clinton.

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