The injustice of Ramos and Compean

I don’t understand why this one is so hard to get right.  I don’t know why a state attorney prosecuted them. I don’t know how a jury convicted them.  And I don’t know why President Bush won’t pardon them. Is this case really that hard to figure out.  Here’s what it looks like without much detail. We have two good family men who are doing a very dangerous and difficult job that under current circumstances is impossible to be successful at and yet the American people desperately want it done. A known Mexican drug dealer crosses the border illegally in a van packed with marijuana. These two border agents chase him, wrestle with him, and eventually shoot him in the butt.  The shot by agent Ramos should be complimented.  He took a non-lethal shot (not that easy to do) at a dangerous illegal drug smuggler.

Not only do I not understand why they have lost their jobs and been sentenced to 10 plus years in prison, I don’t understand why they would even be disciplined at their job. What Ramos and Compean did that day at the border is what literally tens of millions of Americans are begging our government to have done.  To PROTECT OUR BORDERS!

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