Washington Openly Supporting Waterboarding

Some Bush administration officials are openly supporting the military’s use of the specific interrogation technique known as waterboarding. Waterboarding is process of strapping the prisoner to a board and poring water over them to try and make them feel like they are drowning.

What is asinine to me is that some people are working so hard to protect the rights of known terrorists who have actually been apart of plans that lead to thousands of deaths of innocent US civilians. What on earth makes someone think that such a terrorist deserves these rights.

So on one hand, we have some human rights activists trying to defend the “rights” of terrorists. And on the other hand, we have border patrol agents, who we asked to defend our boarders, that are serving 10 year sentences for inflicting a non-lethal gunshot wound on an illegal alien and known drug dealer. What are we doing?

And what about the rights of those innocent civilians who would prefer to not be blown up by a terrorist. I believe it is within our rights to defend ourselves and some interrogation techniques that have been deemed “harsh” should be considered self defense.

I just don’t understand what some people are thinking.

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