We are in for a long fight with terrorists

Every American is, or should be, aware of the actual war that we are engaged in with Muslim Extremists. I’m not talking about the War in Iraq, that’s just one front of this war. This is a world wide conflict that will be played out on U.S. soil more frequently in the years ahead. Obviously the Extremists will not attempt to invade us in a traditional manor but they will slowly infiltrate through illegal migration or even from within as they recruit “home-grown” operatives.

If it think that our presence in the Middle East will keep the battle over there and not here then you are making a serious mistake. I agree wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have made it more difficult for terrorist leaders to communicate and operate from those regions. However, the threat has spread throughout the world and is closer and more serious than most people realize. These extremists will begin to operate more frequently on their own and not require the leadership and organization from leaders in the Middle East.

Terrorists like Mohammed Mansour Jabarah are going to become more common and we ought to keep our eyes open.

I wouldn’t get too comfortable and think that your town is too small or that you have known a certain person their whole life and they wouldn’t do something like that. Keep your eyes open. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

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